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 Electrophoresis and Restriction Mapping of DNA Kit

Electrophoresis and Restriction Mapping of DNA Kit

In this activity students will perform agarose electrophoresis on three DNA samples that have already been treated with restriction enzymes.  One sample has been cut with the enzyme HindIII, one has been cut with the enzyme EcoRI, and one has been cut with both enzymes.  The resulting pattern of DNA bands on the agarose gel will show that each enzyme affects the DNA differently.

Students will not only learn about the process of DNA electrophoresis but learn the techniques associated with the process, such as setting up agarose gel, loading DNA samples in the agarose gel, and staining the gel in order to visualize the DNA bands.  They will also learn how to determine the sizes of unknown DNA fragments after examing their results.

This kit includes specially treated DNA samples that do not require refrigeration or freezing, prepared agarose that may simply be melted in a hot water bath or microwave, TBE electrophoresis buffer, and DNA stain.  There is enough DNA to run 10 gels

Needed but not supplied:  Electrophoresis chambers, power supplies and micropipettes capable of measuring 10µL.

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EL-K3 Electrophoresis and Restriction Mapping of DNA Kit

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